A United Voice in Spill Control

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The following article first appeared in WME Magazine : October 2013
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Just over a year since its formation, AusSpill Association chairman Trevor Prentice provides an update on the activities of the national industry body for the spill control industry.

The group of Australian spill control companies that launched the AusSpill Association in mid-2012 believed the time had arrived for a national industry association to represent the industry’s interests. This informed the development of a group that now represents Australian spill control manufacturers, resellers/ wholesalers and importers as a single voice to government, the public and the environment protection industry.

The founders have also held true to the belief that to be truly representative, AusSpill must be ‘product-agnostic’.

Since inception AusSpill has developed policies that are currently being pursued with both state and territory regulators and Australian Standards. This includes a nationwide product accreditation and compliance scheme recognised by all environmental regulators and government bodies. It is also seeking to create and develop standards and test methods for other spill control products (such as bunding) as the industry requires.

An important part of the work being undertaken by AusSpill is the collection of spill control industry data to assist governments and industry in the maintenance of international best practice spill control policy.

AusSpill plans to create an Australian Standard for spill response kits and include it in other Australian Standards for the storage and handling of all classes of chemicals. AusSpill also plans to implement industry standard test methods in order to provide an impartial performance appraisal of absorbent materials and a method for identifying absorbent types (hazchem /chemical, oil and fuel/hydrocarbons, general purpose).

With regard to ongoing training, part of AusSpill’s role will be to promote and publish on its website all current and relevant information and applicable legislation relating to safety and education when dealing with spills of hazardous fluids.

Some AusSpill board members already regularly feature sections of regulatory requirements for their clients, to highlight the important issues in this area.

Also, AusSpill will be a vital reference point for recommending qualified industry spill training specialists that can assist companies with compliance with those regulations and legislation.

By joining the association, spill control and waste companies will have the opportunity for direct input into industry standards which in turn will contribute to greater environmental awareness and protection.

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