Launch News Release

Spill control industry launch national association

 1 February 2013


A group of Australian spill control companies have launched a national industry association to represent the industry’s interests.

AusSpill Association (AA) was formally established in May 2012 to represent Australian spill control manufacturers, retailers, resellers, wholesalers & importers as a single voice to government, the public and the environment protection industry.

Inaugural Chairman Trevor Prentice says all comers are invited to join and take part in the Association’s lobbying of regulators for the industry’s benefit.

AusSpill’s foundation policies are to:

  • Promote AusSpill to regulators, government and industry as a product agnostic, nationwide spill control industry representative body i.e. the voice of the industry.
  • Support a nationwide product accreditation and compliance scheme, recognized by all environmental regulators and government bodies.
  • Implement Industry standard test methods in order to provide an impartial performance appraisal of absorbent materials and a method for identifying absorbent types (Hazchem/chemical. Oil & Fuel/hydrocarbons, General Purpose)
  • Create an Australian Standard for Spill Response Kits and include that standard in other Australian Standards for the storage and handling of all classes of chemicals.
  • Create and develop standards & test methods for other spill control products (such as bunding) as the industry requires.
  • Collect Spill Control Industry data to assist governments and industry in the maintenance of international best practice spill control policy.

Mr. Prentice says that as a product-agnostic organisation, AusSpill has been structured to allow all spill control product-types and services groups the option to appoint their own Board member.

A Membership Expression-of-Interest form with more details is available from the AusSpill Secretary at while more information can be found on the Association website at


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