Introducing AusSpill

A Voice for the Spill Control Industry

AusSpill Association (AA) represents Australian spill control manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers & importers as a voice to government, the public and the environment protection industry.

Formed in May 2012, AusSpill’s foundation objectives are to:

  • Promote AusSpill to regulators, government and industry as a product agnostic, nationwide spill control industry representative body.
  • Support a nationwide product accreditation and compliance scheme.
  • Implement Industry standard test methods in order to provide an impartial performance appraisal of absorbent materials and a method for identifying absorbent types (Hazchem/chemical. Oil & Fuel/hydrocarbons, General Purpose)
  • Create an Australian Standard for Spill Response Kits and include that standard in other Australian Standards for the storage and handling of all classes of chemicals.
  • Create and develop standards & test methods for other spill control products (such as bunding) as the industry requires.
  • Collect Spill Control Industry data to assist governments and industry in the maintenance of international best practice spill control policy.

AusSpill is a product-agnostic organisation and has been structured to allow all spill control product-types and services groups the option to appoint their own Board member.

A Membership Expression-of-Interest form with more details is available from the AusSpill Secretary at

A Membership Expression-of-Interest form is available on our Members page.

The AusSpill Board invites all spill control manufacturers, wholesalers & importers to apply to join the Association.